Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Beneath My Tomb!!

Beneath My Tomb!!

Listen, the music of my silent tomb
Beneath the soil, amid the frozen bones
Lay my poisoned, yet cozy bed
And many insects, for my time be passed

Forget me brothers, and my loved ones
Though many had already forgotten
If blessed some time, come here and sit
Or else, snakes or worms, continue your speak

Ah! There lies my wife, let her lie
There she is at rest, so am I
And far lays a man, yet again is cursed
Lies beside his wife, stops never her tongue

Passers remember me as you pass by
As you are now, long once was I
As I am now, so you will be
Though Death is out for free

-Sameer Ahmed Khan

A Heart that Questioned an Angel

A Heart that Questioned an Angel

Oh! Heavenly creature, do you wish to care?
And answer my doubts that I declare
Where are humans that once were born?
And those who ruled with love and not by hatred among?

Come whisper the truth if you wish to care
And be the light through darkness I fear
Lost I stand amid the many men
And reached the path from where I began

Will you not answer my plights and come down;
And wipe my tears and say, “It’s all right, son”?
Will you not ease my pain dwelling for so long?
Or walk my path and say, how it feels being all alone?

Oh be blessed the sky who taught me well
To hide my tears and cheerfully smile
I only joke, for I wish to hide myself from all
And laugh from fear of being left abandoned by all

For how long will you stop, stare and smile?
Not forever, but come down for a while
This night in sleep when I saw an angel bright
That night my soul left this world in fright

In world of heroes then, I found myself to be
Where the birds sang and danced the happy wind
And from far, an angel glanced and smiled
As if to say, that world was never meant for me!

-Sameer Ahmed Khan