Monday, February 2, 2009

The Darker Sides of Karachi University

How much longer should we wait for appropriate decisions? How many more deaths would be needed to initiate the transportation system for evening students? Could they too use the facilities provided by the University of Karachi? Or are they all provided just for the sake of name?
It seems like yesterday a student of Karachi University got crumbled under the truck just before our eyes. I reached the spot 10 minutes after the incident happened and witnessed many police men being gathered around the truck inspecting it. Much fear and tension was found in every student standing their, awaiting for their respected buses! Few students were even sobbing at that moment. The blame could all be put upon Karachi University’s Transportation system!
It’s not about fighting for one life, or just creating a havoc of this situation, but when I put my place before her, and have no choice but to stand at the very bus-stand every single night, I do have the right to rebel then. At the point she died, it could be me too, or anyone from the Karachi University
Thousands of applications have been submitted to the head of Evening Department for starting proper transportation system, both by us and by the previous batches, but as it’s usually found in Pakistan, everyone keeps blaming others for not providing the approval and piling thousands of ridiculous excuses before us. This is what Dr. Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui, The Vice-Chancellor of Karachi University had done!

Moreover, the transportation that runs for the evening students for picking them –only comes whenever they wish too. Even if the slightest news of some protest is heard by them - anywhere, our transportation would be the first one to close down, while we would be waiting its arrival at the respected points –restless.

Is this how the transportation system of one of the world’s famous University of Karachi should be? I would like to request the authorities to take action as swiftly as possible; the students need points to pick and drop them near their homes, I sometimes feel that running transportation system in the night is more important than in morning! Buses are not easily available at night, and the tension develops more as well. The authorities should know how it feels when a student leaves his class at 8:30 and reaches out of the university gate at around 9 and awaits for his bus, and finally reaches his home at 10 pm! This is just my story. Every time I leave university towards home and pass through the Al-Asif building by ‘G-17’ bus, just to reach Sakhi Hassan in 1 hour, I find myself in constant fear and tension, thanks to the atmosphere near that area which even worries my mother at home –praying!
Even at 3:30 inside the university the transportation system is not sufficient. One would always find students waving hands for lift near the Maskan Gate, to the private vehicles entering University. And went I noted the time, it took me 45 minutes of walk, just to reach my U.b.i.t department on foot.

We, the students of Evening Programme of Karachi University hardly can enjoy any facility given to us. The Main Central Library closes at 8:30, can anyone ever expect a library to close down. And besides that, our classes that run from 3:30 without a break end at 8:30 (Only 10 Minutes gap is given to offer prayers) How can we ever visit the library if we don’t bunk our classes in between?

Next we have no sports facility either; the Gymnasium closes at 8:30 too. And mostly all the facilities given to students end around 8:30!! It seems as if every luxury is meant for the morning students –only. And the last main problem we face is the lighting system of University at night, where all seems dark!

Now, when so many problems are being faced by each and every student in evening classes, why doesn’t the University take some action? Why can’t it initiate the transportation system for picking and dropping as well? Why couldn’t they extend the library timings, or on those street lights in university. They could also start classes a bit early so as to give us gaps between periods as well!

I hope my letter reaches the appropriate desks and soon we would hear something helpful. Surely we don’t want this letter to be neglected as enough protest had already been done within the university boundaries for the sake of initiating the transportation system for the evening students, but the respected authorities remained as numb as they could. And therefore, the students have decided, that if the transportation is system is not yet provided by the University of Karachi to pick and drop them regularly, the students would not pay the fees of one semester, and with that money, run their own buses, so as to stop more deaths, which seemed quite worthless to some respected authorities for not taking any action and just building one flyover bridge, and closing the case!

-Sameer Ahmed Khan, 18, Student of Karachi University